The Technical College UNIREA Pascani was founded in 1920. It is a major educational provider. Nowadays it has become the largest school campus in the area, with over 1000 students covering high school, together with the technical classes. The technical profile has the following educational options: economics, natural sciences and the vocational units dealing with transport and car servicing. The students have theoretical training put into practice during the laboratory classes.
EUROGEO is a European scientific society, with a European dimension, which networks geographers and related disciplines from all walks of life. EUROGEO is an international not-for-profit organisation, based in Belgium, which aims to develop, support and promote policies designed to advance the status of Geography; establish and promote cross-border cooperation; promote education and training in Geography from a European perspective and represent nationally and internationally the views of its members.
Riga Secondary School Nr.25 was founded on September 1st 1963. It is located in the periphery of Riga near the largest River in Latvia – the Daugava. The school has more than 800 students and 72 teachers covering 32 classes. The students from Riga Secondary School Nr.25 learn from 1st grade all the way until 12th grade, from ages 6-19. The school has a 3-year primary school course, a 6-year elementary school course and a 3-year middle school course. It is involved in a number of Erasmus projects.
The University of Zaragoza is a public teaching and research institution which combines almost five centuries of history (since 1542) with a constantly updated range of courses. The University of Zaragoza has more than 30,000 students; 5,100 teaching and research staff and over 1,800 administration and service staff. The University of Zaragoza’s international commitment is based on mobility programmes for students and personnel, double-degree programmes, bilateral and multilateral agreements, research projects and worldwide university cooperation projects for development.
Innovative Education Association is a non-profit organisation which carries out national and international studies and projects about children, youth and adults in education, culture, arts, sports, social issues employment, human rights, migration, environment etc. IEA is a young association located in Adana, Turkey, it started its activities in 2020. Although IEA is very young association in Erasmus+, its members have 15 years project experience in many areas: from education to technology and environment, and partnerships have been developed under different actions of Erasmus programs.
Sint-Lodewijkscollege is a secondary general education school with a long tradition in Bruges on European projects, in fact it had projects going on before the start of the programs of the European Commission (since 1988). These included exchange projects and content related projects on art, language and science. This gives them extra tools for guidance in higher education. The school has always been a leader in educational reform, testing and using new approaches. The school is a pioneer in bilingual teaching, giving the opportunity to pupils to follow lessons of history and science subjects partly in English.