GIS-T at GAMES of SCIENCE – Entrepreneurial and Technical Innovation

On May 30, 2024, the Technical College of Railways “Unirea” Pașcani hosted the event “GAMES of SCIENCE – Entrepreneurial and Technical Innovation”, a fair dedicated to school projects based on project-based learning (PBL – Project-Based Learning).

The participants: 26 teams of students.

The topics: Entrepreneurship, robotics, digital educational platforms, mobile applications.

The projects: ranged from robots, exercise firms, models and 3D printing, to mobile applications and inclusive arc-gis educational platforms.

Presentations: Teams promoted their projects using posters, spots, websites and cards with QR codes. All teams applied the rules of a pitch deck and used branding elements to convince visitors of the value of their projects.

Project example: Platform for restoration of historical buildings, study made in arc gis 3D models of buildings in Pașcani area.

The work using the ArcGis platform of “Unirea” College was called “Exploring History through Geospace”

The event offered a valuable lesson through PBL, where teachers listened to students’ ideas and voted for their favorite projects, without grading them.

The next day, on May 31, 2024, the award ceremony took place at the “Unirea” 104 Gala. Representatives of the Pașcani City Hall were also present at the event, including Mayor Pintilie Marius and Administrator Bodoașcă Claudiu, who honored this innovation fair with their presence.

The Technical College of Railways “Unirea” Pașcani demonstrates through such initiatives that it is a center of excellence in technical and entrepreneurial education, preparing students for the challenges of the future through innovative and creative projects.