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Outdoor lessons in geography and natural sciences with ArcGIS Survey123

As part of the GIS-T Project schools and teachers are using GIS to examine their environment.

Following the first training activity held in in Ghent and organised by the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO) and the second training event held in Bruges at the Belgian school partner Sint-Lodewijkscollege, this example from Riga Secondary School Nr.25  reports on outdoor activities and field study carried out by school pupils using  ArcGIS Survey 123.

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The study of the surrounding environment was carried out by the 9th abc class in the territory of the Ķengaraga promenade. The students had to perform various tasks: evaluate the plants growing in the research area in different ecosystems, assess whether the area is polluted and recognise invasive plant species in order to be able to conclude how alien plants have adapted to our climatic conditions.

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The obtained information was uploaded to ArcGIS Survey123 using mobile devices, where it is clearly collected submitted photos, answers, and location were marked on the mobile map app..

One of the tasks was to photograph the spring so that the group members could be seen.pupil photo

After completing the work, the teacher and class could see the completed work in the ArcGIS Survey123 environment, where the students’ responses were summarised in charts.

Class 7a performed two tasks on the field trip. Tested their physical fitness on the Ogre blue hill Giants track and studied the differences in the forest ecosystem, which had to be compared with the plants growing in the city. Photographed various plants growing in the forest for inclusion in ArcGIS Survey 123.