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GIS-T teacher training uses GIS for climate education

university aerial photoThe first face-to-face teacher training event for GIS-T partners took place in Ghent, Belgium 27-31 August 2023.

The meeting, hosted by the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO) was held in  the Geography department of Ghent University

Training sessions included:
Working with GISKnowledge of climate change (Karl Donert)
GIS and how is it being used in monitoring climate? (Karl Donert)
– Teaching about climate with GIS (expert teacher: Alistair Hamill)
Making videos – Video making activities for elearning (Luc wartjes)
– Making a GIS Climate Lesson – Geoinquiry /Geospatial model (expert teacher trainer Sophie Wilson)vlinder demo phptp
– Using GIS in Climate Change-A sample lesson plan (Rafael de Miguel)
– Creating a GIS Case study activity

A workshop about the VLINDER climate project was held. This illustrated how land use (e.g. buildings, forests,…) has a significant impact on the atmosphere. Given the increasing spatial resolution of atmospheric models, understanding the land-atmosphere interaction gains importance. But reliable weather observations are mostly limited to rural and open landscapes.

The VLINDER project, operational since December 2019, aims at filling this gap by building a region-wide climate monitoring network measuring in all landscapes present (rural, urban, industrial, forests, lakes,…). As a research group it is nearly impossible to initiate a network on such a scale.

By following a citizen science approach high schools are involved during the complete duration: they search for scientifically valuable measurement locations, they build and maintain the weather stations and they analyse the collected data.

Other training workshop activities included:
– Using Storymaps – BIOMAPS Erasmus Plus project
– Creating teaching resources – teacher activity with ArcGIS Dashboards
– GIS tools and teaching resources
– Climate data and simulations– using it
–  Usin ArcGIS Survey 123: collecting data in the field

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The next training event will take place and be hosted by the GIS-T school partner  Sint-Lodewijkscollege in Bruges, Belgium in January 2024