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First GIS-T Learning and Teaching Event takes place

online training photoThe first GIS FOR GIST OF EUROPE Project’s Learning/teaching/training activities under the Erasmus+ programme took place online between 20-24 February 2023.u

The training was carried out online,  organised by members of the European Association of Geographers  (EUROGEO) and hosted by  the coordinating partner , Technical College UNIREA Pascani.

Teachers from each of the school partners were invited to participate in the training  about Learning Management Systems.

In terms of the learning management system a hosted Moodle platform was used to develop the training – called “GIS for the Future”, the following LMS aspects were covered
– Introducing the Learning Management System
– Understanding the functionality (and limitations) of the LMS – what can we do?
– Demonstrating the the LMSLMS course screengrab
– registration and access
– Content, tools and activities
– Assessment and monitoring

The GIS and climate topics covered included:
– Partners’ presentations of focus group results – teacher needs, concerns
– Climate curriculum check: what are the similarities and differences?
– The importance of local data and collaboration with ESRI
– Identifying GIS needs of teachersonline training photo
– GIS and the tools it offers
– Some GIS resources
– Approaches to teaching climate change – what does the academic literature suggest?
– How could GIS be used?
– Teaching practices, needs, approaches etc.
– Introducing GIS and Climate Change

The second learning and teaching event of the GIS-T project will take place in Belgium in August 2023 hosted by EUROGEO. Find out more